Color Switch Provides Interesting Game Enjoying Experience

With shiny colors on a dark background, the next “Flappy Bird” has visited the App Store. “Color Switch” is a new game for the iOS and the Android systems.

When a gamer starts the Color Switch game, a screen with a little, vibrantly colored ball and forms comprised of various colors open. Between the various obstacles and forms on the screen, the color of the ball will change. The interesting part is that the gamer must ensure that the ball can easily pass through the obstacle colored in the same color.

Similar to “Flappy Fowl,” the gamer has to tap the screen to make the football go through the obstacles related the color of the ball and keep on repeating the process, making an enjoyable game.

Besides the original time, gamers can choose a level of problems for trying different stages with a wide range of obstacles. These obstacles make the excitement just more fun, making in an addiction to play.
Players are given a score of how many stars were obtained at the end of each play. Once a gamer gets enough stars, they can the visit the in-game store to buy new updated forms for the ball, such as an octopus, songs note or many more others to change the common ball. The more stars obtained, the more kinds of exclusive and interesting numbers a gamer can use during the skills.

While other applications have in-app buys which need money, Color Switch’s buys use the amount of stars that the gamer has obtained. This allows gamers to not use their real-world money to buy any updates.

In the latest update, an agreement of game modes for gamers to choose from was developed. The Competition mode involves gamers rushing an automatic ball through different directions. In the Cavern mode, players have fun with a little amount of light glowing on the football, taking the obstacles hardly shown while enjoying. These modes makes the game and interesting.

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