How create a brand by using celebrity images?

When a corporate house seeks to enhance its business into the ears, eyes and house of common public, they use Celebrity images to draw the attention of normal people towards their products. Business houses implement an image or impression of celebrity into their product or series of products to make it popular in between public. This technique of creating a brand can be done through placement of proper unique marketing. Idea of unique marketing is offered by Mark Morris, he give it a heading of “Idea of unique marketing for small businesses” he gives the thought of marketing is to give free samples of product or service to make it popular between public.

According to Mark Morris, giving free samples can also help in measuring the preference and taste of the customer. After using free samples, customer also give their feed back about the product, these feed back can be bad or good. Therefore, according to customers feedback producers should design their product or service, so public or customer can use it happily and it gives full benefit to them.

If the product or service offering by the company is good, the more of the people wants it. Selling of product or service is depending upon good marketing strategy. Use of celebrity pictures can give good publicity and make product or service popular in between public. Using public’s favorite celebrity pictures can boost up your sell and ascertain profitability of company. Hence celebrity influences the ideas of person’s mind so it is good use celebrity images for branding of a product or gives you the images to use it for promotional activities of a brand to increase the sell of a service or product. Have a good celebrity face over a product or service influence the mindset people to buy more of it.

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