Use of celebrity image for product-perfect gift card

Gift card having celebrity images of a famous personality on them influence the minds of customer to purchase more of it and it will boost a slow running business and make more profit and increase in sale. Have a good face on gift card change the psychology of customers about the brand. Face of celebrity on the gift card is well known, so people wants to buy the service or product more and enthusiastically. Celebrity picture on gift card make the brand name sound in the mind of people. When people saw the face of their favorite celebrity on a brand, so psychologically they trust that product or service and want to buy more of it.

Sales agent at the card printing agency explained that using of pictures of celebrity is only with their consent or permission. If you don’t get their consent and permission before using celebrity picture, it is the violation of law and the person whom pictures you are using can sue for using their picture. To get a celebrity to endorse a product or service is costly, it cost in millions and some time more than millions, so it is difficult to small business units to use celebrity images for publicity and branding. It is the completely off the table thing to small business houses to use celebrity pictures in their gift cards or any type of promotional activity.

To make attractive gift card for potential buyer there is a way, can solve the problem. have many pictures of celebrity with good faces so small units can use it in their promotional activities and on gift cards. Image of celebrity on a gift card is a door opener for business; it creates the interest in public and helps in closing the deal and soon it will increase the profit of business.

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